When Can You Sue After A Car Wreck? What Everyone Should Know

Personal injury lawsuits usually have a statute of limitation,and a lawyer can tell you more about this and how it impacts your claim. This means that there are timelines within which a lawsuit can be filed. After getting into an auto crash,you should file a car accident lawsuit as soon as possible. However,you should know that if the injuries you experienced,or amount you want to claim,has not met the threshold set by the law,you cannot sue. Similarly,if the insurance company has offered a settlement that can cover the cost of your injuries,you cannot sue. In fact,it would be unreasonable to sue. This begs the question – when can you sue after a car wreck? Read on to get the answer.

During a car wreck,you may be seriously injured. You may also experience significant property damage. After all,you might have had an expensive laptop,smartphone,tablet and costly jewelry which either got lost or damaged during the crash. Your vehicle might have also been damaged beyond repair during the crash. In addition to that,the pain,suffering and shock experienced during the crash might have been too much for you to bear. Since you did not plan to get hurt,the at fault driver should compensate you for the pain suffering,property damage,lost wages and physical injuries you sustained.

You can sue if the insurance company denies your claim. If the insurance company has rejected your claim due to disputed liability or any other reason,you should hire a competent sue for a car accident and file a lawsuit. Secondly,if you were injured seriously during the crash,you should sue. This is because the cost of treating your injuries may be many times more than the payout offered by the insurer. Thirdly,you can sue for compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced during the crash as well as in the aftermath.

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